Saturday, 18 April 2015

Book Review - Black Ice.

If you're looking for an exciting thriller combined with a little romance, this is the book for you. Black Ice*  follows two best friends heading to an alternative spring break for a walking holiday. Unfortunately not everything goes to plan, when a snow storm hits and the girls get stuck on the mountain. Luckily they find a lodge not to far, housed by two young men. However not everything is as it seems.

The book leads to Britt and Korbie getting split up and Britt finds herself in more trouble than she expected...

They're plenty of twists and turns throughout the book and the final twist is the biggest of them all. I read this book pretty swiftly, it's a definite page turner as well as an easy read. If you want something a little different to your usual chick-lit, I'd certainly recommend picking up this book.

Katie xx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dry Skin Problems.

For all of my teenage life and the first few years of my twenties, I had SUPER oily skin. If you've been following my blog for some time you'll know two years ago, I had an 8 month course of Roaccutane for acne. It's a super high dose of Vitamin A which completely dries out your skin. Although I'm so thankful it worked, dry skin comes with it's own problems, which you will know if you suffer from sandpaper-esque skin like me.

1. Some days I wake up with snake-like skin - My legs sometimes look like something out of the reptile house. This is not a cool look for summer. I get pretty itchy behind the knees and around my ankles making leg shaving an issue too..hello Gorilla legs.

2. Eczema and eyelids are not a good match - Yep, my least favourite dry skin addition is my eyelids. They can get super uncomfortable and really itchy, but on the upside it does look like I'm wearing some crazy pink eye shadow. Silver linings. 

3. Sometimes it snows in summer - My scalp seems to have jumped on the dry skin bandwagon leaving me with very attractive skin in my hair. Yum. Thank God for Head and Shoulders.

4. Nail varnish lasts approximately 10 seconds - My nails have a habit of breaking very easily and quickly. I'm lucky if I can get one day chip free nail varnish. Brittle and dry nails are never a good look.

5. Removing several layers of skin every time you shave - My armpits (TMI?!) get unbelievably sore after I shave them. I'm often left with a lovely red line where the razor has taken off more than a few hairs. Trust me dry skin and deodorant is not a pleasant mix and leaves me wafting my pits for sometime whilst trying not to cry.

6. Dry skin does not equal flawless make up - I figured that dryer skin would mean my make up would stay put for longer. Don't get me wrong it doesn't slide off my skin like it did when I had oily skin, but it does flake off during the day. I often end up with lots of random patches of no make up and some lovely flakes hanging off my nose. So attractive.

Please tell me I'm not alone in all these dry skin issues!

Katie xx

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bank Fashion Haul - Amazing Bargains.

Yesterday I wandered past one of the Bank Fashion stores that was about to close for good. Sadly this means people will be out of work, I hope they all manage to get something asap. But on the upside it meant I picked up some pretty amazing bargains.

I picked up the most incredibly sparkly skirt form Glamorous for a tiny £4. It's just the prettiest little thing, I'm not so sure where I will wear it but it needed to come home with me. I then grabbed some adorable shorts from Hearts & Bows for £4 too. These are high waisted with a really cool monochrome pattern which is perfect for my hols.

Next up I spotted a gorgeous dress from Lipsy, reduced from £60 to £8! I ran straight to the till with it and I'm so glad I did. I picked this up in a size 6 so was a little weary about the sizing, but it fits like a glove and is so flattering. I also spotted this cute loose paisley vest top also from Glamorous for £4. I love the pattern and the fit is perfect for my body shape - I will be getting a huge amount of wear from this in the summer.

Finally I picked up a pair of JuJu Jelly shoes. I already own a pair and they're so comfy and perfect for spending time at the beach. I think I paid around £20 for my other pair, but I managed to get these yellow ones for £3 - absolute steal.

Have you managed to pick up any bargains in Bank?

Katie xx