Saturday, 25 March 2017

An Exciting Delivery from Nuby.

We were recently, very kindly, sent some Nuby* goodies to help us along with our BLW journey, and they're certainly proving to be a hit with the whole family. Violet is experiencing more and more tastes and textures and becoming more independent with eating and making food choices. V has been sporting her Nuby Catch All Bib, which really has been catching all the food Violet drops, in a little pouch at the bottom. This makes cleaning up much easier and keeps Violet clean and tidy. We prefer to use this bib to some of our alternatives as it has an easy velcro fastening, meaning it can be adjusted to fit her snugly, plus it seems much more comfortable around her neck than some of our others.  It's a lovely wipe-clean design and is really easy to fold up and pop in our changing bag for out and about.

Another fab BLW product from Nuby is the Supergrip Suction Bowl, which you may have seen on my Instagram story (@Golddust_Katie). We have a lovely bright pink bowl made of easy-to-clean silicone. The bowl comes with a suction pad at the bottom, which sticks well to Violet's highchair and means she can eat from the bowl without it landing on the floor. In the past, I've held onto the tableware and giving V loaded spoons, but the bowl has allowed Violet to practice loading spoons herself (or just eating from the bowl with her hands!).

 I think Violet's favourite surprise was this Nuby Build A Buddy stacking toy. Each shape has a different texture or activity and she loves exploring the different levels. V loves anything she can pick up easily and play with, so this is perfect for her to feel new textures and learn about different sounds, without her getting bored too easily!

Have you tried anything from this brand?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Budget Friendly Sensory Farmyard.

I'm always on the lookout to try new sensory activities with Violet and get a lot of inspiration from the groups we attend. Although a lot of the time, she plays with expensive toys while we're out, I'm always keen to replicate things on a budget.

At one of our groups, Violet loves playing with the 'farm', which includes some artificial grass and other textures, then some farmyard animals. After doing a quick Google search, I found that pretty much all artificial grass companies offer free samples to try out the different types at home. This worked perfectly for us, to make our own little farmyard at home. The samples we received are not particularly big, but certainly do the job and are the perfect size for little hands. We were able to order a few different styles too, so Violet can play around with a little more texture.

The farmyard animals at our baby group are far more pricey than these that I picked up in Wilko for £1 each (which FYI, is a great place for picking up cheap wooden toys too). They're really great quality, a good solid plastic that can definitely take some wear and tear and again, are full of different textures for V to experience. And I know for £1 I will be happy to take these into the garden in the summer and we can do some more play outside. 

We signed up to a few different artificial lawn websites to claim our free samples, so we have plenty to choose from and play around with. It's definitely worth looking online if you're wanting to pick up some more cheap or free ideas for imaginative play with your little ones. 

Let me know if you pick any of these up!

Katie xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning to Swim.

I've been taking Violet to swimming lessons since the beginning of the year, and so far we are both loving it. We're really lucky to have a local community pool close by, so we can do weekly lessons without breaking the bank. I learnt to swim at a really young age, so I was really keen to get Violet in the water as early as possible. Thankfully, V is a real water baby and adores splashing about and playing in the water. I love watching her become more and more confident each week and developing her swimming skills. 

Violet loves jumping in from the side and has started closing her eyes when she knows she's going in, which is really cute! She's also learnt to grab the side when we're near it and has even started kicking her legs when she's floating on a noodle float up and down the pool. I'm so pleased with how she's getting on, it was really important to me to have her being water confident and I think it's fair to say we're well on the way to ensuring she is just that.