Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Under £30.

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As we are almost in December, I thought it was time I popped up a cheeky Christmas gift guide. I'm actually planning a couple of gift guides over the next few weeks, but I wanted to start with some stocking fillers, under £30 for the ladies in your life. 

I'm pretty obsessed with browsing Space NK and Cult Beauty for their Christmas gift sets at the moment. And there are so many great bargain buys around at the moment. My absolute favourite picks from Space NK are easily the Nars Lipstick set. These are five minis in gorgeous berry, nude and red shades and the perfect size to pop in your handbag. I have had my eyes on these for a few weeks and I'm planning on picking these up on payday, for £29 these are an absolute steal.

Diptyque are easily one of my favourite candle brands and the Christmas collection is on point again. The mini candles are priced under £30 and are easily the prettiest thing you could have on your fire place. The gold detailing on this one, is just so gorgeous and really festive for the holiday season.

Alongside this wishlist, I've actually picked up form Christmas gifts (for myself!) to share with you...

The Origins Gift Set, I picked up in Boots for a tiny £25. The set includes a full size GinZing Moisturiser and three 30ml products including GinZine Cleanser, Drink Up overnight mask and Modern Friction exfoliator. The 30ml products are bigger than a deluxe samples and have more than enough product to give them a good try out. The moisturiser is £24 on it's own, so this is a fab buy.

Next up I picked up two items from the Christmas gifts in Space NK. I went with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which came in cute Christmas packaging for £11.50. And finally the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm 5ml for £10, which comes in an adorable bauble-type packaging, which would make the perfect addition to anyone's Christmas Tree.

Have you found any Christmas bargains?

Katie xx

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Kitchen Game-Changer.

A bit of a random post from me today, but certainly one for you foodies/home owners out there...I'm a bit of a kitchen gadget hoarder. I love anything that makes cooking easier or faster and unfortunately for the hubby, that means pretty much any kitchen gadget advertised. Yes I have a juicer, blender, air fryer, slow cooker, but I didn't own any grill-type appliance, until now. 

The Tefal Optigrill* is easily one of my favourite cooking aids I've ever come across. It can cook pretty much anything to perfection, without you having to stand over and make sure it's not burning. I'm have a small phobia of under-cooking chicken, which means whenever I pop some in the oven, it always turns out over done and a little dry. However since having the Optigrill in my life, I've had perfect meat every time. 

So how does it work? It's really straight forward, even a kitchen novice, like me, can work it out. Yu switch it on, select your programme - either defrost, a meat of your choice from the pictures or manual for everything else. Press okay and the grill starts to heat up. Here's the best part, the button at the end changes colour to correspond with the writing so you know exactly what stage of cooking your food is up to, from preheat to well-done. It has pre-set cooking times for poultry which is always well-done, but for steak you can choose how you like it by removing your meat at the correct time. 

After each cooking stage, the Optigrill beeps to let you know it's moved onto the next stage and beeps again when cooking is completed. This means while it's doing it's thing you can be relaxing in the living room or preparing your side dishes, without worrying about your main. Plus the grill works so quickly, your food will be ready before you know it.

This is seriously a kitchen game changer and I would 100% recommend the grill to anyone that likes to be a little lazy from time to time. Plus it's just as healthy as grilling food, making it the perfect appliance for a family kitchen.

Katie xx

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Book Haulin'

Last Sunday night I was killing time and decided I definitely needed to buy some books. I set to Twitter and asked you guys for some recommendations and went ahead and made a pretty big order on Amazon. 

Is it just me or is there no better delivery than brand new books?! They just smell so good and look pretty and pristine. I went a few recommendations and the rest were choices on a whim and from reviews online. And I just can't wait to get stuck in. 

I'm starting out with Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell as I've been dying to read this after reading Fangirl. I popped Landline into my basket too, so I'm really looking forward to giving that a go too. 

Of course I will get up some reviews as I make my way through the this stash and please let me know some of your favourite book recommendations!

Katie xx